Noel offers a broad range of wet etch capability for 300mm and smaller diameters, for a broad range of dielectrics and metal films. Plasma Etch capabilities include dielectric for 300mm and smaller diameters. Noel can also process non-standard sized substrates and coupons. Noel also offers Lift-Off as well, for hard to etch metals.

Etch ChemistryFilmsE/R Per Minute +/-10%Temperature
Pre-Mixed BOE 7:1Thermal Oxide800A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed BOE 7:1PECVD SiH4 Oxide1200A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed BOE 7:1PECVD TEOS1500A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed BOE 7:1LPCVD Nitride150A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed BOE 10:1Thermal Oxide570A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed HF 10:1Thermal Oxide330A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed HF 100:1Thermal Oxide32A22C-24C
Chromium EtchantChrome700A +/-100A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed ITO EtchantIndium Tin Oxide150A +/-50A22C-24C
Pre-Mixed Polysilicon EtchantPolysilicon5000A 22C-24C
Pre-Mixed Aluminum EtchantAluminum/Aluminum CuDependent on temperature30C-60C
KOH (32%)Polysilicon5000A 80C
KOH (32%)Silicon (Bulk)8000A80C
TMAH (25%)Silicon (Bulk)4000A80C
10:1 H2O2/NH4OHW/TiW/TiN120A22C-24C

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