Incoming Inspection:

  1. Upon receipt of material, Noel visually inspects wafers for chips, cracks, film types. Defective wafers will be rejected and returned unprocessed.
  2. Wafers are chemically stripped.
  3. Wafers are polished.
  4. Wafers are cleaned utilizing RCA/SC1/SC2 Process.

Standard Specifications:

Inspection Criteria Reject Accept
Finger Prints 100% 0%
Chips/Cracks 100% 0%
Water Spots/Streaks 100% 0%
Edge Exclusion ≥3mm ≤3mm
Wand Marks 100% 0%
Micro-Scratches ≥1.25 inches in length ≤1.25 inches in length
Resistivity <1.0Ω/cm, >1.0Ω/cm
Pitting (Depth of removal <6um) ≥3% ≤3%
Wafer Thickness ≤675μm ≥700μm