Noel Technologies Adds 450mm Tool for Semiconductor Photoresist Spin, Coat, Bake

Silicon Valley specialty foundry continues process development expansion for 450mm wafers

Campbell, CA, July 1, 2014

Noel Technologies, a Silicon Valley specialty foundry offering process development and substrate fabrication, has added photoresist coat/bake equipment for 450mm semiconductor wafers. The specialty foundry first offered services for 450mm wafers in wet processes, etches, and wafer cleaning in 2013.

Leon Pearce of Noel Technologies meets Industry Veteran Alan Kukas of Spintrac Systems

Industry veterans Alan Kukas of Spintrac Systems (left) and Leon Pearce of Noel Technologies

convene as Spintrac’s 450mm coat/bake system is delivered.

The system, a Tractrix-450 Coat-Bake from Spintrac Systems of Santa Clara, CA, has been shipped and installed at Noel Technologies in Campbell, CA. For versatility, the system delivered to Noel can also accommodate coating, baking and chilling 300mm wafers with a proprietary indexer that accommodates a 300mm FOUP cassette.

The Tractrix-450 tool comes equipped with:

A custom 450mm loading platform for single wafer processing

Automated transfer of the wafer through predefined process flows

Windows OS user interface for login and creating process programs.

About Noel Technologies:

Noel Technologies, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based foundry focused on process development, optimization, quality and delivery. An ISO 9001 registered facility, Noel Technologies offers process development and fabrication up to 300mm. As the increasing costs of technology R&D, along with slower revenue growth, continue to drive the expansion of the fabless model, Noel Technologies is strategically positioned to provide IDMs with a bridge from lab idea to fabrication.

Company Contact: Brenda Hill,, 408.374.9549

Agency Contact: Bruce Kirkpatrick, , 925.244.9100