Silicon Valley-based Foundry Services - Noel Technologies

Thin Films - Dielectrics

Thermal Oxide & LPCVD Processes:

Noel Technologies custom Diffusion Furnaces for Thermal Oxide and LPCVD thin films can accommodate from 300mm wafer diameter to smaller substrates.

Noel engineers apply decades of experience and production expertise to configuring our customized diffusion furnaces. We improve the design of Thermco furnaces with:
  • the addition of low profile cantilevers and 
  • special perforated panels to facilitate cleaner operation. 
All critical production areas are rated Class 100, and we extensively use throughout the cleanroom:
  • automated wafer transfer equipment and 
  • advanced air ionization

Proprietary processes enable Noel to deliver the highest quality films with extremely low metals and minimal particle contributions. Film thickness and uniformity is measure on a Filmetrics mapping system.

Process Data Sheets:

Thermal Oxide
LPCVD Nitride
LPCVD Amorphous Silicon
LPCVD Undoped Poly

PECVD Processes:

Noel’s Plasma Enhanced Chemically Evaporated Deposition System handles 200mm and smaller substrate and wafer diameters. Flexible film thicknesses offer customers an opportunity to extensively develop new processes. Film thickness and uniformity is measured on a Film metric’s data system.

Process Data Sheets:

PECVD Oxy Nitride
PECVD Amorphous Silicon
PECVD Plasma Nitride
PECVD Silicon Carbide
Specialty PECVD Films
Amorphous Carbon-Low Temp 
Silicon Oxi-Carbide
Silicon Carbi-Nitride