Silicon Valley-based Foundry Services - Noel Technologies


ISO 9001 registered – Fully automated quality systems for continuous improvement
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Noel Technologies quality offers:
  • Integrated computer quality systems
  • Online document control system
  • Customized ECN (Engineering Change Notice)
  • Continual training of employees
  • Online traveler system for each customer requirement

Online Document Control

Tight process control for repeatability & dependability to meet your requirements

  • Customized for the foundry business
  • Integrated for change orders, corrective actions, employee training
  • Internal audits include equipment maintenance and training
  • Internal costing included for efficiency and excellent external pricing

Continual Training & Certification of Employees

  • Procedure change or corrective action triggers training update
  • Three levels of training certification ensures fail safe
  • Process revisions eliminate old process variations for accuracy

Online Traveler System

  • New, custom processes created easily & efficiently for quick turns
  • All materials & processes automatically checked for revisions and updates
  • All job aspects controlled to make production process consistent to meet requirements