Silicon Valley-based Foundry Services - Noel Technologies


Our goal: measuring every film deposited or grown

Every film that is deposited or grown at Noel can be measured. Processing includes:
  • A film map or a film measurement “screen shot” with average thickness, mean and maximum, 
  • Up to 121 point maps (on most films), 
  • And a Certificate of Conformance (with min/max measurements).
Other Capabilities:
  • Filmetrics Film Mappers: dielectric thickness, RI, & GOF
  • Gaertner Scientific Ellipsometer: dielectric thickness, RI & GOF (GOF: Goodness of Fit, RI: Refractive Index)
  • Profiler: Step Height of Film
  • Alpha Step: Step Height of Film
  • Sheet Resistivity Tool
  • Resistivity & Wafer Thickness Tool: Non-Contact bulk resistivity measurement tool for rapid classification of silicon wafers.
  • Metrology: SEM, Surfscan, Profiler, Alpha Step 
  • Optics: Film Measurement Systems